Separate realities

It's not something that is discussed very much but there seems to be a common consensus that we all share some kind of common reality, the same world, in our particular period of time, when nothing could be further from the truth. It goes far deeper than cultural or social differences, comparing the lives of Prince Charles, a homeless person, Barack Obama, a plumber or builder, someone in the House of Lords or a worker in McDonald's. These are obvious glaring differences with very different experiences of the world. Going back to the model of how we learn and mature it becomes clear that we each live with a different perception of reality, what we believe it to be and our experiences of it. Even our closest family members and our friends and neighbours have markedly different ideas in their perception of reality.

Social groups, friendships even families can be described as coalitions of the willing, yet no two people share identical perceptions of reality, our separate and individual perceptions of reality are as unique as our finger prints. 

History is littered with attempts to impose a particular set of views on others and much bloodshed has ensued because of it. 

It is the contention of this writer that each person is born with an innate personality which grows and matures into a particular and unique individual with a unique understanding of reality and that the world would be a much poorer place if that were not the case. 

A world full of identical clones with identical thoughts and perceptions would be a very dull place indeed. 

We may celebrate a new and unique life yet it is a great pity that we find it difficult to extend that celebration into maturity and enjoy and respect our differences and our unique and separate realities.

2011 Keith Lindsay-Cameron.