A message about nature

Nature is always true to itself whether a blade of grass or a leaf, a gigantic tsunami or a stalking predator. Nature, in whatever it does in whatever season or form, is always perfect. A tsunami may cause devastation, a predator might use cunning to hunt its prey, but nothing in nature has a will to deceive or be other than what it is.

In such a way children come into the world. A perfect expression of life without artifice or deceit.

It is only as humans grow that we learn artifice, deception and deceit. Unique in nature, it is only we who can exceed our given nature and indeed all nature.

The greatest challenges facing the world today are those created by us and it those challenges our children need to be fit to meet. How we have dealt with the world in the past will be inadequate for the future. A child born today (2011) will be 21 in 2032 and no one knows what the world will look like in 2032.

What is certain is that we can no longer afford to simply exploit this world and its resources, not least because many of those resources will no longer exist.

The world is in need of vibrant, enquiring minds, resourceful people, determined and strong to meet the challenges that face us on this jewel of a planet and that means a radically new look at how we raise our children.

2011 Keith Lindsay-Cameron.