This website, some parts written in the first person, others in the third person, is a part of and a reflection of my own journey. I am in no way separate from all that is expressed here, nor yet from the world and the land and nature. I would like to share here how I came to discover beauty in the world, something, because of acute depression, that I was completely blind to and unaware of until an astonishing event in my mid thirties. 

Having dropped my wife off at university I decided to walk our dog in a local wood belonging to the university. I had with me a personal family letter that I was fairly sure was going to be a difficult one to read. I was right, it was difficult and with bowed head I tried to absorb the content of the letter. I walked with leaden feet, a joyless individual with a very heavy heart. Try as I might to deal with the letter, I could not, something was disturbing my attention, like a nagging voice that in the end I could not deny. In exasperation, I flung my arms to my sides, looked up and yelled, 'WHAT?' 

I was instantly transfixed and overwhelmed with unimaginable beauty. I was in a glorious Bluebell wood, the sun was pouring through the trees in streams of golden morning light and I was locked in motionless, speechless, thoughtless, wonder for perhaps five or so minutes. 

The glory slowly faded away, there was nothing I could do to hold on to it, but I was left with a certainty that a seed had been planted a seed that has grown over these many years since. 

I can offer no explanation for this event and frankly don't care how or why something got through. It is enough that it happened and my life slowly began to change. At first I'd notice perhaps one thing in a year, it was that slow, but it grew exponentially. This website owes as much to that single event as to anything I have ever studied or done before or since. So this gallery is a reflection of my own coming into being and the reverence I hold for the perfection of natural beauty that surrounds us and life itself.


2011 Keith Lindsay-Cameron.