First steps in Intuitive learning

In taking the first tentative steps in returning to intuitive learning, the first thing to realise is that it is unnecessary to understand what you are embarking on so much as to experience it. Secondly, it is cumulative, such that the more you use it the easier it becomes and understanding of it is organic and grows with doing. 

Elsewhere I have suggested that just taking your shoes and socks off and walking on grass is a great exercise, wet grass is even better, however, almost anything that breaks with all you consider normal is useful. Getting off your eye line by crawling around and looking at things from a completely different perspective, climbing onto a roof and seeing the world from a height and where you are more exposed to the wind and weather and feel less secure has the effect of bypassing logic and reason and goes directly to experience and being present to yourself. If you can, without being arrested, dancing naked in the rain is simply fantastic! 

Allow yourself to accept the possibility that everything you are familiar with and your ways of doing and seeing things is just one perspective and there may be other ways of seeing and doing the same things. Allow yourself to touch familiar things and be aware of their shape, texture and function whilst not using them for the thing they were intended to do. In as childlike way as possible, feel things, just as a child might.

Start a journal and describe what you've done, forget why or for what reason, just describe your experiences with whatever words seem to flow best, even if it's a jumble of words. Remember that words and meanings are learnt too and we can always expand on what we already know. 

Learn to pay attention to your thoughts, your explanations and reasoning, and also learn to stop and let the explanations and reasoning go. Reason is just a tool in your tool box of life, but it does not and cannot explain everything, like the pleasure of a sunset or the feeling of rain on your body, such things just are and that's the way they should be, giving pleasure or awe or wonder, even surprise, perhaps, at how powerful such feelings are.


2011 Keith Lindsay-Cameron.